Student Scholarship Entry
Naturopathic Doctor News & Review offers three students 
free entry to the Vital Gathering, May 19-21 in Phoenix, AZ 

$125.00 value per student 


Are you ready for a powerful, enlightening and uplifting gathering of Naturopathic Doctors dedicated to the practice of Vitalistic Naturopathic Medicine? We are and we invite you to join us for a weekend of vibrant lectures, professional interaction, case and panel discussions and celebration of the powerful healing potential of the human.


Over these three days we will renew our understanding of the philosophical and practical application of our medicine. This gathering is a journey of showing how the philosophical constructs of naturopathic medicine guide every decision we make as doctors. Build upon your clinical expertise in treating people who suffer from complex chronic and sometimes debilitating illness with a solid foundation in vitalism.

Leading the weekend will be the founding Fellows of the Naturopathic Medicine Institute: Dr. Jim Sensenig, Dr. Aviva Wertkin, Dr. Jared Zeff, Dr. Letitia Dick-Kronenberg and Dr. Thomas Kruzel. Our Fellows collectively have over 150 years of clinical experience using vitalistic naturopathic approaches which honor the tradition of naturopathic medicine.

This is the first of two conferences required for those on the Vitalist Fast-track pursuing the VNMI (Vitalist of the Naturopathic Medicine Institute) certification. The VNMI identifies you to your colleagues and the general public as a Naturopathic Doctor grounded in and practicing core, vitalistic Naturopathic Medicine. 

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